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When you are managing the project, who is doing your job?

1. Major project management is something your team may have never done before. Therefore, there are many things that are easily overlooked that will add significant time and cost to your project,

2. Managing a major project can greatly dilute your internal resources. Your core business gets ignored and the project timeframe gets extended way past the desired timeline,

3. Your company does not have the external resources that can handle the actual work of the project and you have little idea of what these resources should cost. Often our costs are completely recovered because of our experience and our consortium of excellent business partners.
• Business Relocation
• Business Consolidation
• Liquidation Services
• Project Management
• Business Improvement
• Turnaround Consulting
• Workout Consulting

Although managing a major project using internal resources seems like a good idea for cost reasons; the actual total cost may be much greater for three main reasons:

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